Theo Chocoloate

Theo Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate manufacturer located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle. Established in 2006, Theo is the first organic fair trade-certified cocoa producer in the United States. 🍫


  • UX Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Design Production
  • Technical Recommendations


    After a content audit of their current website and working closely with the Theo team, I was in charge of creating a sitemap and making recommendations on navigation structure and overall site content.

    For their primary navigation, I proposed removing their current dropdown menus and consolidated content into a few key landing pages.


    Once the sitemap was complete, we gave the client a content worksheet that helped them begin to produce content for the site. This also allowed us to have actual content when moving into the wireframes which granted us the ability to start making some design decisions in the wireframes stage.

    During stakeholder interviews, we found that 'Book a tour' was by far their most visited page on the site, but was not very easy to find. While including this in the main navigation, we also wanted to call special attention to that button so users could always find it quickly.

View Theo wireframes

    Visual Design

    The wireframes served as a blueprint for the visual designers, Aaron Bloom and Drew Hamlet. Type systems, brand colors, and photo treatments were established on the homepage, and then carried into the rest of the pages. Once these systems were in place on key landing pages, I helped execute the design of the remainder of the pages.